Choosing The Right Gym

Need for a Gym
Exercise today is a necessity for every human being, rather than being limited to just athletes or sports people. Most of us are already aware of the benefits that exercise has to offer when incorporated in our daily routine that is why we are looking out for a gym in the first place. But exercise if not done in the right manner may provide no benefit and may even cause harm. For example you may know of people or for that matter you yourself may be going for daily walks in the park but have seen no results. People claim to walk for an hour and they really do too but with no drop in weight or reduction in inches what so ever. Now you need to know that exercise is something which is very specific to your fitness need and personalized. An exercise program is like an exercise prescription which will differ from person to person depending on several factors such as the fitness need, the fitness level, the body composition etc.Therefore walking in the park may not be the right fitness prescription for you. Although walking is a good exercise, how many of us do really monitor the intensity during walking. How many of us wear heart rate monitors when walking and keep a track of your heart rate and also the distance covered as well as speed of walking. Do you really maintain you posture when walking and push yourself out of the comfort zone, or you walk at a comfortable pace? Lets face it exercise is not something that everyone likes to do most of us are forced to do it. It is only a very few with strong determination and a real liking for workouts who can push themselves and maintain the intensity of their workouts on their own. As for the rest of us there are health clubs. Health clubs and gyms provide us with an exclusive workout space away from home and work where we can be free of other thoughts and focus our time and energy on exercise. This is how we derive maximum benefits from a workout session. It also provides us with an army of professionals who provide us the much needed guidance to climb up the fitness ladder and reach closer to our fitness goals. They also give you the much needed appreciation for your efforts and leave you with a sense of achievement. Choosing the right gym is not as tough as it seems here are a few pointers that might help;

If you are a first timer you are bound to be a little apprehensive to enter a health club. Just relax there are people in there to help you out. Once you walk inside get the feel of the people in there. The people inside should be friendly and approachable and should make you feel comfortable. Always insist on having a look around and preferably ask for a fitness trainer to escort you. Talk to the person giving you the tour of the facilities ask questions about what you see get your doubts cleared. Talk to them about why you want to join up, for example if you want to let’s say drop down your weight and are also concerned about the Blood pressure that keeps on shooting up ask them how they can help you reduce your weight and get your blood pressure under control. The people should be genuinely concerned about your fitness objective, see if they can relate to your problem and offer a good solution. People should not just keep beating around the bush and brag about the great infrastructure and ambience that they provide. Yes a good infrastructure and ambience is an added bonus but remember it is the people who will provide you with solutions to help you climb up the fitness ladder. The fitness professionals should be qualified i.e. certified from a recognized institute and be able to provide reasonable answers to all your queries.

Result Rate:
Ask them the result rate of their health club. Go through any success stories or client testimonials that they have to offer. Even better you can talk to the people on the gym floor. Be careful do not disturb anyone in middle of a set or on a cardio machine you will always find someone taking a break resting between two stations you can ask your queries to this person. Talking to the members will give you first hand opinion about the place from a person who has brought and experienced the product. Ask people whether they are happy with the services provided at the club and about the kind of results that they have achieved there.

Take a trial:
The best way to get a feel of the place is to try it out for a day or two. Most clubs do offer 2 to 3 days of a free trial pass. Take advantage of this offer. Working out at the club gives you a better insight into how the club functions. Also it will help you to ease out and be more comfortable in the gym environment.

Proximity of the club to your home or work place is also very important i.e. if you intend to go to your workouts from your workplace or vice versa. You do not want to spend too much time and energy traveling to a club. Studies have shown that if the workout place is more than 10 to 15mins of driving distance majority of people drop out.

When taking the tour of the club check out all the facilities that they offer ask questions about them if you do not understand what it is meant for. Ask which of these would be benefiting you and how. Ensure that the place is kept neat and clean i.e. does not stink have proper ventilation system, all machines are wiped at intervals and not soaked in sweat. The floor is not dusty and has been vacuumed. There are mirrors in the free weight area so that you can check your exercise form when using weights.

Is more expensive better:

It is not either way i.e. neither is more expensive the club the better it is nor cheaper the club the better. Don’t go by the price agreed it has to be affordable but check at what level it qualifies on the above mentioned points before you sign up. Don’t join a club just because it is cheap you may end up paying for overcrowded space, broken down equipment and eventually it may be a big put off. Similarly do not end up paying to much for fancy infrastructure but no service where you land up not knowing what to do next.I hope these are useful enough when you begin your gym hunt.

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Obesity: A Human Evolution

The major problem faced by modern man today is that of his ever increasing weight. Millions of years of evolution has lead us from being an ape to what we are today. From a neanderthal to a homo habilis to a homo erectus to a homo sapein each was a step ahead from the older version. Evolution is a on going process so where are we headed to now. Are we evolving into a obese being? Are we giving rise to a generation of obese people. Are we moving from a homo sapein to a homo flabein? What happened what went wrong in the process of evolution?

Well if we were to flashback a few thousand years ago food was an integral part of our life’s and infact still is everything more or less revolves around food. We need food to celebrate, food to comfort, food sometimes just to pass time. So what is the difference? Food then was a means of survival. As we evolved the food evolved with us from tearing down raw meat and grazing on vegetation we have now developed the most intricate and complicated culinary styles. Food then as we have mentioned before was a means of survival people ate to live. Today with the variety of cuisines and tastes available the tables seem to have turned and we now ‘live to eat.’

Obesity is fast reaching epidemic proportions. Obesity is a word used commonly these days but how many of us know what it implies. To put it in simple terms obesity means being overweight with a body fat % above normal or in other words obesity is a condition in which the natural energy reserves (fuel) of humans which is stored as fat tissue is expanded far beyond usual levels to a point where it impairs health.

How does it all begin? Where does it start? If we want to get rid of it we need to know where its roots lie. It all begins at the level of the fat cell. Well but if fat is so unwanted then why do we accumulate it in the first place. Well actually speaking fat is not all that bad it has ensured survival of our species through two ice ages. Hold on now wait a minute this does not mean that being obese is essential for our survival. Of course not lets first understand why our bodies horde fat.

As we have discussed earlier it has ensured survival of our species through two ice ages and never ending draught and famine. Our ability to eat when food was available and store excess as fat for future use allowed us to survive when food was not available. However an extreme overabundance of body fat places stress on the body and can be unhealthy.

The real problem with modern obesity today is not only food abundance but lack of activity coupled with it. What I mean is food is easily available you do not have to travel hundreds of miles to hunt or gather food as our anscestors did. Sometimes we feel that the dessert last night was a little too much so we try to burn it off jogging that day. Does not really work there needs to be consistency in what you do cause an hour of jogging will burn around 250 calories but it takes just about a minute to gulp down 2 gulab jamuns or a bar of chocolate which gives you 250 calories. The problem is that this energy storage system evolved long before junk food made its appearance on earth. For most part of the evolution getting enough to eat was a driving force for survivial therefore body devised its own system to store energy to be used in periods of scarcity of food as adipose tissue or fat.

It is high time now though we cannot wait for evolution to change this mechanism of energy storage. Today we have got an army of professionals to deal with it. The right nutrition along with a structured exercise program is very crucial as we have already seen that food abundance and lack of acitvity is the cause of obesity. So gulping down tablets to lose weight or syrups to burn body fat is of no use. To lose it you need to use it. We need to change for the better. We need to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Choice is yours………………….

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